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EggBanxx Egg Freezing in New York City

The cost of egg freezing can be a financial worry for many patients—one cycle can cost up to $18,000, depending on your location and the fertility clinic you choose.

Thankfully, the discount program EggBanxx can help you save money on your egg freezing costs.

Saving on Egg Freezing through EggBanxx

EggBanxx is a discount program that can help make egg freezing costs affordable.

With EggBanxx, you pay upfront for a package that includes one, two , or three egg freezing cycles—it also includes up to 24 months of storage. This package saves you up to 20 percent off the price a fertility clinic would charge otherwise. The cost for an egg freezing cycle with this program can range from $5,400 to $8,300 per cycle. And you can apply for financing with one of our loan partners to help break up the cost into monthly payments.

For more information on egg freezing discounts through EggBanxx, or to be matched with a fertility clinic in your area that works with it, contact a patient care advocate at 855-55-BANXX.

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