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Embryo Donation

Written in Partnership with Dr. Ernest Zeringue, California IVF Fertility Center, California Conceptions

People choose to build their families with embryo donation for a variety of reasons. Older women or women with poor quality eggs who need to use an egg donor are one. In cases of poor semen parameters or in the absence of a male partner, the embryo donation program offers a more affordable alternative. Couples with poor embryo development and no clear indication if it is a problem with the male, female, or both also may consider embryo donation.

And some couples who have the option to use their own sperm and eggs have selected embryo donation based on cost and the high rate of success. As they continue through various fertility treatments and become more financially strained and face repeat failure with traditional treatments, embryo donation offers them an affordable and successful alternative to IVF with their own eggs.

You may think of embryo donation as a treatment using cryopreserved embryos that remain from another couple’s IVF cycle. But the California Conceptions embryo donation program is a different model. These embryos are created from donor sperm from a sperm bank and donor egg from a woman in their program who elects to donate to multiple recipients in the program.

“There are fewer patients making their embryos available for donation but the demand is increasing,” says Dr. Ernest Zeringue, founder of California IVF and its embryo donation program California Conceptions. “People are looking for successful ways of having a baby and starting their family at an affordable cost. Our program has continued to grow since starting over two years ago.”

According to Zeringue, each participant in the program will be guided and supported by a dedicated embryo donation cycle coordinator. And he is so confident in the success of the program that most patients are eligible for a 100 percent refund if a pregnancy does not progress beyond 12 weeks. Patients prepay for up to three embryo transfers and will receive one or two donated embryos per transfer. “Having the option of a guarantee has a tremendous influence on people selecting our program over others that may be providing embryos of lower quality,” says Dr. Ernest Zeringue.

At the California Conceptions Donor Embryo program, the wait time for a match is typically between one and three months.


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