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Every Step of the Journey Is The Journey


Tricia Turner, Senior Case Manager, East Coast, Colorado and Illinois, The Surrogacy SOURCE, October 6, 2010

Sitting in the doctor’s office being informed you cannot carry your own child may throw anyone into a head spinning, whirling, twirling mix of emotions. You wake up the next morning hoping it was a dream. You are now in world of uncertainty, unsure of what next steps to take. You think your hopes and dreams of a family are gone.

Staring at the Google search results, you say to yourself “We’re not in Kansas anymore." It is now a world of women offering to have your baby, people in white coats, and calendars to follow. You have chosen the pathway to parenthood through surrogacy.

Surrogacy is an amazing journey to take to fulfill your dreams of a family. You decide what is important to you when choosing the woman who will carry your baby for nine months. Each profile is read carefully, and meetings are scheduled in order for you to get to better know these exceptional women. Over dinner, stories are shared, and you talk about the future. She is selfless, caring and sensitive to the night’s events. She is very excited to help and you are very grateful for her. This is the start of a wonderful relationship.

A couple of months later, you are sitting in a dim lit, whimsical room with your surrogate awaiting the embryo transfer. The ultrasound monitor shows you the most amazing picture of the future. The next 10 days seem to crawl by, as you await the blood test results. Day 10, the phone rings, and your heart stops, knowing your life will change with this call. Everything has fallen into place and the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders. Your surrogate mother is pregnant!

The next months are filled with excitement, shopping and sharing this time together with family and friends. The pictures of her belly growing are what you look forward to each week. Attending the ultrasound appointments to see your baby wave “hi” are all you can talk about. Your family throws you a baby shower, and the nursery is complete, ready for Baby’s arrival.

You get the “phone call” you have been waiting for. You head to the hospital. Excitement, anxiety and anticipation fill the room. Everything is calm, and the sound of your baby crying is the only thing you hear, everything else is blocked out for that moment. The greatest gift has been given to you. Tears of gratitude are shared. It has been everything you had hoped for finally coming true. This day will forever be remembered as the end of one journey and the start to another — your family!


Tricia Turner, The Surrogacy SOURCE's Senior Case Manager for the East Coast, Colorado and Illinois, has extensive knowledge in egg donation and the surrogacy process. Having had personal experience as a surrogate mother, Tricia wanted to pursue her continued dream of helping people experience the joys of parenthood. Tricia states, “I believe everyone should have the chance to fulfill their dreams of having a family. I am excited to guide intended parents and surrogates through the surrogacy process.” This, combined with her dedication and emotional connection to each client, ensures that each client understands and feels complete support throughout their endeavor. Ultimately, Tricia feels it is a privilege to work in the business of helping to create dreams come true.