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Female Smoking Impairs Early Embryo Development

Here’s another reason to kick the habit: female smoking impairs early embryo development. A recent French study of 139 women undergoing IVF determined:

  • Anti-mullarian hormone (AMH) levels were lower in smokers than non-smokers
  • Antral follicle count was lower in smokers than non-smokers
  • Embryo cell division occurred significantly later in smokers than non-smokers, leading to poor IVF outcomes

In a novel approach, the researchers used the Embryoscope, which allows time lapse analysis of the embryo as it develops. It is purported to be the first study using the Embryoscope to report on the impact of female smoking on early embryo development.

If that’s not enough to get you to quit smoking, the researchers point to other studies on the relationship between smoking and fertility

  • In infertile women, smoking has decreased ovarian reserve, leading to earlier menopause
  • Uterine receptiveity is negatively influenced by smoking
  • Smoking also impacts pregnancy, including premature birth and low birth weight
  • IVF patients who are smokers have a lower response to ovarian stimulation with fertility drugs
  • IVF patients who are smokers have lower pregnancy rates
  • Smoking puts women at risk of implantation failure

If you’re trying to conceive on your own or with fertility treatments, do yourself a favor and find a smoking cessation program that will help you become a non-smoker once and for all. You owe it to yourself and your family to be.


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