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Fertility Doctor of the Month: David Kreiner, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

David Kreiner, M.D., FACOG, East Coast Fertility, Plainview, NY

August 2011

FertilityAuthority is pleased to recognize David Kreiner, M.D., FACOG, founder and medical director of East Coast Fertility in Plainview, NY, as Fertility Doctor of the Month. Trained at the renowned Jones Institute and a practicing fertility doctor for more than 25 years, Dr. Kreiner is committed to making fertility treatment accessible with the best outcomes for mother and baby.

“My treatment philosophy is to create a healthy family,” he says.

Entering the Infertility Field

Dr. Kreiner credits the announcement of the first IVF baby as the impetus for entering the field of reproductive endocrinology: “It was the most exciting medical event that I had heard of up until that point, so I immediately set that as my goal — to get involved with this brand new field that had just been born as I started my medical school career.

“The downside of those early years of IVF treatment was the multiple pregnancy complications,” he adds. Dr. Kreiner explains that in the 1980s, IVF success rates weren’t good enough to justify transferring fewer than three to four embryos in most cases. As a result, triplets were not uncommon, and he views that as a major complication of IVF.

Reducing the Risk of Multiples

The early days of complications with multiples is also what led Dr. Kreiner to develop his “healthy family” philosophy.

“We’re in a position today where the success with IVF is good enough that we don’t have to take those risks and have high order multiple pregnancies,” Dr. Kreiner explains. He believes that single embryo transfer should become the standard, particularly for patients under 35 year of age. While he individualizes treatment, he is also adamant about transferring one embryo. “My patients know I start at one; depending on their situation it may not be more than one,” he says.

Dr. Kreiner is a big proponent of Micro-IVF, which he is quick to define as “minimal stimulation IVF.” Rather than daily fertility drug injections, patients undergoing Micro-IVF use the oral fertility drug Clomid and very low dose gonadotropin injections. He says there is a better than 40 percent success rate for young patients, patients with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and those who have had a tubal ligation. The fee — as low as $3,900 — makes IVF accessible to a greater population, something Dr. Kreiner is very proud of.

On the Horizon

Dr. Kreiner marvels at the advances he’s seen in his career, and is grateful to have entered the field when he did. “I was very fortunate, my timing was perfect,” he says.

Today, he is impressed with what’s on the horizon for fertility treatment: egg freezing, robotic surgery and a new technology that will be available in a few months — falloscopy, which is a scope that’s inserted vaginally to examine fallopian tubes and determine if the tube is patent and healthy.

In addition, Dr. Kreiner says making fertility treatments affordable and accessible is very gratifying. For his dedication to the field of infertility and concern of making treatment accessible to patients, FertilityAuthority congratulates Dr. David Kreiner.

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