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Fertility Doctor of the Month: Grant Patton, MD

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Grant Patton, MD, Founder and Director, Southeastern Fertility Center

February 2011

Grant Patton, MD, founder and Director of Southeastern Fertility Center, with locations in Charleston and Columbia, S.C., has had an established career with several “firsts.” His was the first South Carolina fertility clinic and the first in the state to have achieved an in vitro fertilization (IVF) pregnancy and birth.

Dr. Patton is also the author of the Atlas of Infertility Surgery, one of the first textbooks on infertility surgery. In addition, his clinic is a leader in donor egg technologies, starting and sponsoring the annual Art of Donor Oocytes & Third Party Reproduction conference, now in its 13th year. And, most recently, his fertility clinic has become involved in ovarian tissue and egg freezing.

FertilityAuthority is pleased to honor Dr. Patton as February's Doctor of the Month.

Changes in the Field of Infertility Medicine

As a medical student, Dr. Patton was interested in research, and spent a summer working in a laboratory in Woods Hole, Mass. “I fell in love with research and egg development and embryo development,” Patton says. A career in infertility was born.

We asked Dr. Patton about the changes he’s seen in the field and what interests him now. He cites the ability to preserve fertility in cancer patients.

“We’re able to retrieve eggs much more quickly before chemotherapy starts. We have better insight on how to control egg development and to freeze eggs,” he says. There is “a lot more insight into genetic factors and testing,” he adds.

Patton talks about the broader use of IVF with egg freezing and egg donation, and he believes that in this decade the use of IVF will grow with even more applications.

Southeastern Fertility is currently conducting a donor egg study involving frozen eggs. In a split donor cycle, eggs are frozen for the secondary couple for just one day, then thawed and combined with sperm using intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) . A day five blastocyst transfer is then done with resulting embryos. This study enables the fertility clinic to refine its egg freezing technique, while offering significant cost savings for participants. They have had recent success with egg freezing, Patton notes.

Individualized Care for the Infertility Patient

“Our philosophy is that we really care about the patient,” Patton says.

Patients individualized care, working with one registered nurse for the duration of their fertility treatment at Southeastern Fertility Center. There are eight nurses for the three fertility doctors at the clinic. “We get to know the couples; we’re close, we provide a lot of support,” Patton says.

“Infertility patients are wonderful.” Patton adds. “They’re serious, they’re intense, they’re very intelligent. So it’s a challenge to provide them the latest developments. ‘What’s the state of the art at the time we’re doing it?’ That’s what we look for all the time,” he adds.

FertilityAuthority applauds Dr. Patton’s patient-centric philosophy, that’s both clinical and caring in nature. We congratulate him on being honored Doctor of the Month.