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Fertility Doctor of the Month: Lowell T. Ku, M.D

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Dr. Lowell Ku, Dallas IVF
July 2014

“I am an OB/Gyn and I send all my patients to see Dr. Ku because all my patients return pregnant and rave about how great he is! When I started to try and start a family but couldn't, I went to see Dr. Ku for my own struggles with infertility. Not only does Dr. Ku have a great reputation, he is smart, kind, compassionate, and is exactly what I want in an infertility physician.”—Patient Review on

Dr. Lowell T. Ku started his medical career as a family practitioner, and later did a residency in obstetrics and gynecology. While he fell in love with delivery, he knew that helping couples conceive was in his future when he and his wife had trouble having a baby. Following a fellowship in reproductive endocrinology he became a board certified reproductive endocrinologist.

Dr. Ku received several awards during his fellowship, including the Outstanding Teaching Fellow Award and the Best Fellow Research Award. His love of teaching spills over into his practice. “I like to educate patients, to help them understand why we’re using treatments and how, instead of just telling them what we’re doing.”

His research also continues. He has published and presented research on PCOS, frozen embryos, and the effects of estrogen deficiency on the immune system. Recent clinical research has focused on how to increase the success rates of IVF.

In his clinical practice, Dr. Ku’s particular areas of interest are patients with diminished ovarian reserve (DOR) and recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL). The patient with DOR is the toughest to get pregnant but the most rewarding, Ku says. “We beat the odds together.” And having gone through two miscarriages, he has a “soft spot” in his heart for the patients who miscarry.

“I’m the guy that’s been there, I suffered with infertility. I’m willing to try and go the extra step for all patients - we are brothers and sisters in arms,” Ku says.

After two miscarriages and four rounds of IVF, he had a son; with the fifth IVF he had a daughter. It’s this personal experience with infertility, Ku says, that helps him work harder for his patients.

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