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Fertility Doctor of the Month: Mark Leondires, M.D.

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November 2013
Mark Leondires, M.D., Medical Director, Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT)

As the Medical Director of Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT), Dr. Mark Leondires is the physician leader in charge of fertility patient care, protocols, quality control data and pregnancy rates. In addition, he instills the practice’s patient-focused attitude. “What makes us unique is the desire to provide individualized care for all different types of patients and offer support for pregnancy or closure as efficiently as possible. It’s an honest, up-front approach. Patients are empowered to make the best decision for them… to find their own comfortable shoe,” Leondires says

FertilityAuthority is pleased to recognize Dr. Mark Leondires as Doctor of the Month.

What drew him to reproductive endocrinology? It’s the combination of the science and the psycho-social, outcome-focused approach, he says. Outcome-focused? “We have a clear idea in six months of what a patient’s outcome is going to be,” Leondires says. And psycho-social? He explains that fertility doctors participate in the highs and lows with their patients and give them an opportunity for the unique experience of being a parent, which is a basic desire for many. People are touched, he says. “They thank you for trying even if they never got pregnant.”

And then there's the science. In five years, there have been three major advances in fertility treatment, Leondires says.

One, vitrification, has brought higher success rates with embryo and egg freezing. Vitrification is informing embryo transfer protocols, as physicians are moving toward frozen rather than fresh embryo transfer.

Two, comprehensive chromosome screening, allows embryologists to diagnose embryos as chromosomally normal or abnormal. Pregnancy rates for women over 40 have never been better, Leondires says. And the combination of day 5 blastocysts and embryo biopsy and testing allows them to find the “golden egg” or determine that a patient needs to move on from IVF and determine next steps.

Three, with single embryo transfer, his practice and many others have maintained implantation rates, but dropped multiple rates, allowing healthy pregnancies one at a time.

It’s his goal, Leondires says, to remain patient focused toward outcomes and caring for the emotional well-being of patients. Many patients are under vast financial and emotional stress. The hardest situations are patients who have been trying to conceive for two to three years, and are exhausted emotionally, financially and out of steam, he says. It’s important to work with these (and all) patients in a time efficient manner. All options, including adoption, are on the table.

RMACT’s suite of services include acupuncture, yoga, support groups, a PCOS clinic and a teen PCOS clinic. Their nutritionist helps patients focus on pre-conception health. A social worker is available for support beyond support groups.

It’s for his whole person, individualized approach to treatment and care that FertilityAuthority recognizes Leondires as Fertility Doctor of the Month.

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