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Fertility Doctor of the Month: Philip E. Chenette, MD

Philip E. Chenette, MD, Pacific Fertility Center, San Francisco, CA

July 2011 is pleased to honor Philip Chenette, MD, as Fertility Doctor of the Month. We recognize San Francisco fertility doctor Philip Chenette for his progressive and patient-focused practice at Pacific Fertility Center in San Francisco, CA, and his philosophy of individualized care for the fertility patients he treats.

“Our focus is on the individual patient,” says Dr. Chenette.

From the diagnostic regimen to fertility treatment to holistic services such as acupuncture, mind-body and nutritional support, the entire process is tailored to the patient's specific needs. “My 9 a.m. patient, she’s my boss, and I have to get the job done with her,” Dr. Chenette adds.

Involved from Beginning to End

At Pacific Fertility Center, the fertility doctors are the ones who do their patients’ ultrasounds, egg retrievals and embryo transfers for IVF cycles. “It makes a real difference in outcomes,” Chenette says. “I’m the one who knows you the best and I can see things my partners may not see.

"There are so many details in fertility — all the pieces of the puzzle that have to come together," he continues. "And those things don’t happen by themselves. As a doctor, you can’t entrust that to chance. I have to be there in the mix — guiding things, lending my 20-plus years of experience to keep things on a good path.”

Age-Related Infertility

From a clinical perspective, Dr. Chenette’s emphasis is on age-related infertility, including diminished ovarian reserve and aneuploidy (chromosomal abnormalities). He has seen improved success rates and reduced multiples in those patients.

“We’re now working on fertility preservation,” Dr. Chenette says. He is a champion of egg freezing and says that randomized control studies indicate that it’s a viable option for preserving fertility.

“Fertility preservation is a route to reproductive choice," Dr. Chenette says. "Not everyone gets married young and can have children young."

One of his goals is to drive some critical mass around fertility preservation. That includes contacting and building relationships with Ob/Gyns and other physicians who see patients with diminished ovarian reserve to encourage them to talk with their female patients about fertility preservation. He’s currently involved with putting together a program at a local hospital where an advisory group will help guide best practices in the area.

Inspiration in New Technology

For Dr. Chenette, the new technology involved with fertility treatment was what sparked his interest in a career in the field early on — and it is what continues to drive him today. He talks about the important insights we’re starting to gain about the genetics of eggs and embryos, and early embryo diagnostics.

“For the first time we’re starting to understand what makes a healthy egg — and that’s such wonderful information,” he says.

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