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Fertility Doctor of the Month: Richard H. Reindollar, M.D.

October 2013

Richard H. Reindollar, M.D., Dartmouth-Hitchcock Fertility Center, Lebanon and Manchester, NH

“Our patients here and around the world should have the most accessible, affordable and safest care possible. We should be advocates of patients all the time to get the care they need.”

In addition to his fertility practice at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Fertility Center in New Hampshire, Dr. Richard H. Reindollar is the Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth, NH.

This month, Reindollar became the President of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). In this role, he will “steer the ship” as he explains it, by identifying and assessing, with the strategic plan, what areas to focus on, and see to it that the society’s organizational goals are moving forward.

In January, his commitment to ASRM grows, as he assumes the Executive Director role, which serves the leaders of ASRM, and works with the ASRM team and staff to move all its goals and strategic initiatives forward. That role comes at a unique time, Reindollar explains. The next ASRM strategic planning session, which takes place every five years, will take place in the Spring of 2014.

“There’s a reasonable chance I will not be involved with patient care day to day. I’m thrilled and excited to move, but the position I’ve loved won’t be a part of my daily life,” Reindollar says.

“How can I continue to influence care that patients get?” he asks, and then explains. The foundation on which he and ASRM operate is to serve patients, and set standards in patient care, education, and innovative research through the following: “Determine how we utilize the latest technology and best education pedagogies to provide education to clinicians and patients in the best way,” and, “Can we identify areas of research we would like to move forward?” Funding for research is an issue, Reindollar acknowledges. Generous industry support is now limited by federal guidelines

Reindollar speaks passionately about serving patients, advocacy, his fertility practice, his role as an educator and researcher. “I’ve been fortunate in life,” Reindollar says. “My first love is patient care, service, and research.”

As he moves into the next phase of his career, Reindollar says he is honored and excited to take on these roles at ASRM. FertilityAuthority is pleased to recognize Dr. Reindollar as Doctor of the Month. He no doubt has the passion and experience to well serve the Society, and as a result, the patient population.

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Comments (2)

Rich I will always remember you

Thirty two years ago I became a mother after several yrs of trying, several doctors treatments and several invasive exploratory procedures. Finally I was referred to a Doctor Green(something) in Agusta Medical School. I never met this Dr Green... Instead a young resident was assigned my case. I have to admit that at first I was disappointed and disillusioned that this young man would just be another doctor that would once again tell me he didn't know why I was being unable to conceive a child. This resident's name was Dr Rich Reindollar! I live in Milledgeville, Ga and travel the two hours to Augusta for my appts with him. I quickly realized that this young Doctor really, really cared about me and that we were not just another infertility case he was assigned. I felt more that he was our friend and trusted him whole heartily! He figured out the problem and I conceived my now 32 yr old son, Nicholas who is now the proud father of my one yr old gramddaughter, Emily Grace. After my first trimester, I was released from his care and sent back to my original doctor. It was hard leaving and we went to our last appt with him and have him a small token of appreciation ( a small pewter figurine of a little boy with a puppy). This may sound like just a regular story of an infertile couple finally having a baby, but it is not. Dr Reindollar was there himself for every appt even when it could have been handled by other staff! He was there to greet us when I suspected I may be pregnant and called! He himself called us to give us the good news. He was there during our two sonograms with a big smile on his face! Nicholas was born in Macon, GA on a Sunday and the first congratulations call I received in the hospital was from Dr Reindollar! I took the baby to meet him and found out he had finished his recidency and had moved up, no longer taking cases like mine and will always thank God that my case was assigned to him! I still often think about him and tell people of my amazing journey to motherhood with the most amazing Doctor I have ever known!

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