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Fertility Doctor of the Month: Rudy Quintero, M.D.

Rudy Quintero, M.D., Founder and Medical Director, CARE Fertility, Glendale, CA

Rudy Quintero describes himself as a “physician first” and business person second. His “modus operandi”: “First do what’s best for your patient, then your team, then yourself. Those are the values I try to instill in everyone in the practice.” Any staff decisions are led by that algorithm. “We’re fully into it for the patient’s best interest.”

In the almost nine years that Rudy Quintero has been a fertility doctor, he’s built a practice that embraces the demographics of his community. Almost 65 percent of his patients are Hispanic and he employs a bi-lingual team. He has also been treated LGBT patients since the practice’s inception and has helped thousands of LGBT families – same sex and transgender – have children, he says. “Friends within the fertility community and allowed me the opportunity to help out in the community.”

When asked what drew him into the fertility field, Quintero says he’s always had an affinity for it, even as a young man. He grew up Catholic, a faith in which procreation was desired, but many in his near family never had children. “Many of us were spooked of having the inability to not have children of our own … we were worried about it. Any time the topic came up, from high school to college and moving forward, I knew what I wanted to do, then loved to do, and hence here I am doing it.”

A third generation Californian, Quintero went to UCLA medical school, did his residency at Glendale Adventist and his fellowship at Stanford. Today, as a sole practitioner, Quintero does approximately 300 IVF cycles and 80 tubal reversals a year. All services are performed at the Glendale facility; he has an accredited surgery center and in-house lab.

He’s proud of the work he does and his relationship with his patients. “We are in their camp. We are physicians first and we are here for patients’ best interests,” Quintero reiterates.

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