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Fertility Financing

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Special fertility financing plans may be available through your fertility clinic or from an independent organization that structures financial products for the infertility market. Companies including ARC Fertility, Fertility Finance, Springstone Patient Financing and In Vitro Sciences. All offer financing products or loans.

Note that there are often specific eligibility requirements for most of these fertility financing plans and programs.

ARC Affordable Payment Plan

Patients whose fertility doctors are members of ARC (Advanced Reproductive Care) can apply for financing through the ARC Affordable Payment Plan. Eligible expenses include infertility treatment, fertility drugs and lab fees with participating or affiliated ARC practices. Lab services done outside the fertility doctor’s offices are not eligible for this financing product.

Fertility Finance

Fertility Finance provides a number of loan options for financing fertility treatment. After receiving an infertility treatment plan and estimated costs, patients can apply for a loan online. Pre-approval is provided within 24-hours of submitting the loan application. Loan amounts range from $2,500 to $25,000 with terms of 12 to 48 months. Fertility Finance works exclusively with Shady Grove Fertility Centers.

In Vitro Sciences

In Vitro Sciences works with a third-party finance company to offer low-interest loans for infertility diagnosis and treatment. In Vitro Sciences also offers financial counseling.

Springstone Patient Financing

Springstone partners with fertility clinics to offer infertility treatment financing options. Springstone offers fixed rates starting at 5.99 percent, and financing from $2,000-$40,000 with terms from 24 to 84 months. The loans are only available at fertility clinics that are part of the Springstone network, including those fertility clinics that offer the Attain IVF Refund Program by Integramed.