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Fertility Nurse of the Month: Carol Lesser, N.P.

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Carol Lesser, Boston IVF
July 2014

For 26 years, Carol Lesser, N.P. has worked at Boston IVF. “I continue to love it,” she says, “because I always find something fascinating and interesting about it. It just pushes my boundaries.” FertilityAuthority is pleased to honor Lesser as Nurse of the Month.

Not all nurses like infertility, Lesser says. The ones that do, love it. The ones that don’t , don’t. It suites her personality, she says – the medical and clinical aspects, and addressing the emotional needs of patients.

From a clinical standpoint, she assists physicians and performs procedures such as hystersalpingograms (HSG) and sonohysterograms. She also manages the “whole patient”: cycle visits, review and communication of lab results, helping with decision making around treatments and consulting with newly pregnant patients who may or may not have a viable pregnancy. “We have a percentage of people who unfortunately miscarry, and it does fall on our shoulders to help patients through that experience,” she says.

Her particular areas of interest, Lesser says, are obesity and infertility, PCOS and advanced maternal age. “Obesity has become such a huge influencer on who does and doesn’t get pregnant,” she says, “I am very interested in anything I can do as a nurse to help support patients to make positive changes to help themselves.”

PCOS is an area where there’s tremendous confusion, she says. It’s important for patients to understand what PCOS is and its relationship to obesity. Her goal is to partner with patients to try to decrease their risks and help them get on a healthier path to parenthood as well as the rest of their lives.

When working with patients of advanced maternal age, you can’t predict pregnancy but can give a realistic idea of what awaits them, and you have do that in a constructive, not destructive, manner she says. “It does tend to be a long conversation and sometimes you do have to pick up the emotional pieces.”

Lesser says she has been empowered and inspired to become a nurse educator. She helps train new nurses at Boston IVF, and likes to lecture, attend conferences, and develop talks to help new nurses understand the basic physiology of infertility, the medications and the treatments. “You’re involved with so many different aspects in this field and so much happens. I like to instill an appreciation and a little bit of awe and wonder where this field has come to in such a short period of time,” she says. “In this quarter century I do feel I have a responsibility to try to pass that along to the young nurses.”

Lesser credits Boston IVF Founder, Dr. Selwyn Oskowitz, for her interest and career in infertility. “He taught me so much and empowered me,” she says. Joining him at the practice in 1988, “defined my professional life which is a large part of who I am,” she says.

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