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Fertility Nurse of the Month: Dawn Estall, R.N.

September 2013
Dawn Estall, R.N., Center for Reproductive Medicine, Minneapolis, MN

“Mrs. Dawn Estall exudes patience and professionalism in the face of adversity with tense, frustrated patients. She calmly guides the patients through the medical maze of donor egg and gestational carriers. These patients have encountered many frustrations on their path to parenthood and Dawn is a saving grace.” Fertility Nurse of the Month Nomination for Dawn Estall

Estall was motivated to go back to school and get a college degree in nursing in her 30s following an experience with a nurse who took care of her during her pregnancy loss. She says she was prompted by the opportunity to, “Give back the compassion, caring, and acceptance she gave to me.” Estall has been with the Center for Reproductive Medicine for 14 years, and is the Gestational Carrier Program Coordinator and one of two Donor Egg Coordinators. FertilityAuthority is pleased to recognize her as Nurse of the Month.

The patient population she works with requires a lot of communication and coordination, from pre-testing and screening of donors and gestational carriers, to legal agreements for surrogacy arrangements. It’s about providing accurate information and making sure the processes are understood and go as smoothly as possible, she says.

“Egg donation is emotionally a big step, and it’s challenging to work with people who have been through so much,” she says. “I am privileged and blessed to be able to be there, going through this journey with these couples.”

Estall’s faith gives her strength, encouragement and stamina. “The Lord led me on this path, and led me to this job. When it gets tough my faith keeps me going.”

“Nursing in general is hard professionally,” Estall says. “It takes a lot of you emotionally. You either love it or you don’t.” Clearly, she loves it!

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