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Fertility Nurse of the Month: Joanne Libraro, MSN, RN-C, NEA-BC

Fertility Nurse of the Month: Joanne Libraro, MSN, RN-C, NEA-BC

Joanne Libraro, MSN, RN-C, NEA-BC, Patient Care Director, The Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility, New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center

October 2014

“I don’t find myself in the position anymore where I say ‘I wish we could do this for our patients’; I now find that we’re in the very lucky place that we say ‘we can’.”

Joanne Libraro has been a fertility nurse for 20 years. “One thing that’s satisfying is not just the successes today, but the historical successes that we’ve had, and not just me personally, but the center and the science,” she says. “When you’ve been doing this for as long as I have, the things that inspire you, the things that motivate you, are not just your successes but the successes you can bring to your program.”

Prior to joining Cornell Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility, Libraro’s nursing background was in women’s health: labor and delivery, newborn nursery, postpartum – all while running her own childbirth education company. “I had the privilege of working with people who were successful, who were taking on parenting, not challenged by parenting,” she says.

Moving to infertility was a culmination of her experiences as a clinician and patient educator. In this field, she says, nurses have a very unique and dynamic opportunity to become not just friends with the patient but their support system, ranging from clinical to financial support. “I’m not just there to comfort the patient but also to mentor the staff on how to get the patient through what they’re going through,” Libraro says.

Today, as the Patient Care Director, she oversees all of the IVF services for the 12 attending physicians, collaborates with ovulation induction and donor egg and coordinates all the credentialing for the nurses and all of the administration for the Center. “I am in a very unique program, working at Cornell. We don’t just see traditional infertile patients, we’re seeing big volumes of fertility preservation patients and cancer patients with our collaboration with Sloane Kettering.”

“My philosophy is that every patient is unique, every patient’s challenges are unique and we need to manage the patient not based on the way we want to manage the patient but the way they need to be managed,” she says. There are a finite number of treatments for the infertility patient, she explains, but it’s how you individualize the treatment for each patient that makes a difference.

Libraro is very active in the field outside of the practice. She speaks nationally on reproductive endocrinology and infertility, and enjoys opportunities to give back to her peers. “I enjoy collaborating with other programs because I learn so much from them and I feel I can offer them some of the things I’ve learned,” she adds.

“There’s no one who will tell you I’m not the most passionate person when it comes to infertility,” she says. It’s easy to believe; you can hear it in her voice.

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