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Fertility Nurse of the Month: JoRene Bigler-Vollman, RN, MSN

January 2014
JoRene Bigler-Vollman, RN, MSN, Fertility Centers of Illinois, River North IVF

The fact that she commutes four hours each day with no complaints, even in the terrible conditions this winter has brought to Chicagoland, is evidence that JoRene Bigler-Vollman really loves her job. The Director of Third Party Reproduction at Fertility Centers of Illinois (FCI) River North IVF says, “I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.” FertilityAuthority is pleased to recognize Bigler-Vollman as Fertility Nurse of the Month.

Her 21-year career in reproductive medicine is a pure accident, Bigler-Vollman says, “You don’t learn about infertility nursing in school, there’s one paragraph about infertility in the text book.” A former cardiac nurse, she took a “temporary” position with a fertility clinic in order to secure a position in a hospital. She quickly loved the autonomy of the role, and the opportunity to build relationships and bond with patients. “The patient drives me,” she says.

Aside from the expected - IVF treatment protocols, blood work and ultrasounds - a large part of the infertility nurse’s role is patient education and emotional and psychological support. You go through issues and disappointments with patients, she explains, and that can draw you close to one another.

As the Director of Third Party Reproduction, Bigler-Vollman doesn’t work with all patients on a daily basis. She oversee FCI’s egg donation agency, recruits egg donors and works with a surrogacy agency for gestational carriers. (The center also plans to do embryo donation in the future.) She works to ensure the IVF center runs smoothly and that patients are having blood work and ultrasounds in a timely manner. Bigler-Vollman is also the point person for questions, complaints and concerns. Her afternoon is spent calling patients and following up with results.

And she still takes time for patient care. “I don’t’ work for FCI, I work for the patients,” she says. “The patient who is the most upset is the one I like to work with. Infertility is stressful, there’s a lot of anxiety. I want to alleviate that, make it as easy as can be.” Her goal is for everyone, regardless of outcome, to have a positive experience.

Bigler-Vollman refers to FCI as a very collaborative practice. “I work closely with physicians in combination with patients, and it allows me to be the nurse I want to be.”

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