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Fertility Nurse of the Month, Judith A. Greve, L.P.N.

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June 2013

Judith A. Greve, L.P.N., Senior Clinical Education Specialist, Walgreen’s Specialty Pharmacy

FertilityAuthority is pleased to recognize Judith A. Greve, L.P.N., as nurse of the month. A Senior Clinical Education Specialist with Walgreen’s, Greve earns high marks for her focus on education. In her role, she educates Walgreen’s employees on what she refers to as the “complex, nuanced and sensitive nature of the disease state.” She also works with nurses at fertility clinics across the country to develop learning aids and tools that promote knowledge and efficiency. An educated, well-informed patient is the desired outcome.

Greve got her start in infertility as a fertility clinic nurse, and after five years began working a IVP Care, a specialty pharmacy that became a part of Walgreen’s through a series of acquisitions. At IVP Care she began her outreach to fertility clinic nurses. “There’s no infertility curriculum in nursing school and no formal orientation at the practice,” she says, “So we began to look at ways to help nurses.” One way is to provide consistency in fertility drug injection training. The importance of this, she believes, is to decrease the patient’s anxiety and increase empowerment. It helps the patient feel like they are in control of something they have no control over, she adds.

Continuing education for fertility nurses is paramount Greve says. The program she helped launch evolved into listening to what nurses need and helping to create it. “What I love most is being able to say to new nurse is, ‘You’ll get it.’ There’s so much information, so many acronyms, it’s not abnormal to be overwhelmed.”

Greve also interfaces with Walgreen’s chronic illness reps to talk get the word out about fertility preservation. Her message there is one of awareness. “It’s an opportunity for us to help [them] be able to inform the patient of options now and in the future.”

Greve talks about her role with great enthusiasm. “When you help people feel they have the most accurate information, they can digest it and decide what course of action to take,” she says. “Then people’s anxiety decreases and their perspective changes. You’re making the decision on solid ground, and you’re the victor, not the victim. I love to be able to give that to people.”

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