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Fertility Nurse of the Month: Kristi Vesh, RN

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Kristi Vesh, RN, South Florida Institute of Reproductive Medicine, Boca Raton Office

November 2014

Fertility patients have described Kristi Vesh as: very knowledgeable, always available to answer your questions, amazing, supportive and helpful. FertilityAuthority is pleased to recognize her as Nurse of the Month.

Vesh works at the Boca Raton office of the South Florida Institute of Reproductive Medicine. She is the IVF Coordinator, administers ultrasounds, and is the nurse who is in constant contact with patients as they cycle at the fertility clinic. She updates her patients regularly via phone and sees them almost every other day to monitor their treatment. “I’m in their lives in a personal way,” Vesh says.

In essence, Vesh says she is going through the infertility journey with her patients. “There’s a huge emotional piece in addition to the nursing part,” she explains. “Some people don’t tell anyone what they’re going through. I become their best friend through it. I’m a confidante and I “get” it -- I can empathize because I see it all the time.”

Vesh says it’s important that she gives her patients one hundred percent. She describes herself as always focused, very responsive and “in the moment” for her patients, giving them her undivided attention while she’s with them. “I treat them how I would want to be treated if I was in their shoes.”

Talking with Vesh, you wouldn’t know that she’s so young – just four years out of nursing school and two years as an IVF nurse. During her junior and senior years in high school she was also enrolled in college courses, and had completed two years of college when she graduated from high school. As a result, she got her RN degree at 19. How did she get there? Simple she says. She was trying to figure out what she wanted to do, saw a girl in scrubs and it “hit” her. She felt drawn to nursing, and it all fell into place.

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As one of Kristi's patients, I can say all of this is true. I feel like I have a friend in Kristi, not only a nurse. As an IVF nurse, she is with you every step of the way through one of the most difficult and exciting times of your life and she truly is "there" for you. From the tears in her office due to failed attempts to dancing in the halls celebrating your good news: she is there. I only hope that after this process is over, and we have our miracle baby, that Kristi and I will keep in touch.

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