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Fertility Nurse of the Month, Leslie Whalen, B.S.N

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July 2013

Leslie Whalen, B.S.N., Advanced Clinical Nurse, University Hospitals Fertility Center, Beachwood, OH

“The compassion expressed during every stage. The time and patience taken to make sure medications/dosage were thoroughly understood. When my IVF didn't take, the compassion and relationship was so tightly bonded that she made me know I wasn't alone. I got through this because of her.” These are the reasons a fertility patient nominated Leslie Whalen, B.S.N. for Nurse of the Month.

Whalen is an Advanced Clinical Nurse at University Hospitals Fertility Center in Beachwood, OH. A self-described patient advocate and empathetic listener, she has spent 23 years in women’s health, the last four of those in infertility.

“I was looking to branch out from labor and delivery and fill another role,” she said. “It’s another level of patient care. I’m walking that journey with them, working towards a successful ending.”

Her patients’ yearning for a baby is motivating. Whether they are using Clomid or third party reproduction, low tech or high tech fertility treatment methods to get pregnant, one patient is not less important than another. She works to create an environment that is happy and stress-free during a time that she recognizes can be stressful and overwhelming.

“I treat my patients like I would like my family to be treated,” Whalen says. “They know that, ‘Right now you are the only person that matters to me. Somebody’s got your back. If I don’t agree with [your treatment protocol] I’ll go to your doctor and we’ll rethink what else we can do.’”

It’s this proactive attitude that leaves her frustrated by the silence that surrounds infertility. She’d like to take a bigger role educating society on the prevalence of infertility and the need to break the silence. Women who can’t get pregnant or women who have had a pregnancy loss should be comfortable talking about it, she believes. We support that wholeheartedly!

FertilityAuthority congratulates Leslie Whalen on being recognized as Fertility Nurse of the Month. It’s a well-deserved honor.

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