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Fertility Nurse of the Month: Lisa Edmonds, R.N.

August 2013
Lisa Edmonds, R.N., Fertility Institute of Virginia

“She is seriously the nicest person, very caring and always smiling. I miss seeing her now that I am on hiatus from treatments. I think she brings out the best in my reproductive endocrinologist. From my support group, I only ever hear good things about her…” Fertility Nurse of the Month nomination for Lisa Edmonds.

Edmonds has been working in women’s health for more than two decades, and is in her eighth year as a fertility nurse. As part of a small team at Fertility Institute of Virginia - two doctors and three nurses - all nurses participate in all fertility treatment procedures and interact with and are equally available to all patients. As such, Edmonds and her fellow nurses get to know patients well, and she is invested in “teaching, talking and counseling” - roles she proudly embraces.

Her patients rely on her for information and support. “They are making such an investment - physical, financial, mental and emotional - they deserve to be heard. And it’s a big time investment too, they don’t need to feel rushed,” Edmonds says. “The very least we can do is be accessible when they need it.” She says her day isn’t done until all patients’ questions have been answered.

She describes the fertility practice as a team environment, and says, “Everyone’s role is valuable to the success of the treatment. The doctor and the nurses are no more or less important than the patients.”

“I believe in this process and services we can provide,” she adds. “I have never taken for granted how precious it is.”

Nominate Your Fertility Nurse

In honor of these hard working nurses who hold our hands throughout our fertility treatment experiences, will feature a dedicated fertility clinic nurse each month. You can nominate your favorite fertility nurse here. We will contact you if your nurse is chosen to be our Fertility Nurse of the Month.


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