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Fertility Nurse of the Month: Marge Vogt, R.N.C., A.R.N.P., M.S.N.


Reproductive Resource Center of Greater Kansas City, Overland Park, Kansas, January 2011

FertilityAuthority is pleased to honor Marge Vogt as Nurse of the Month, nominated and chosen for her experience and expertise. A conversation with Vogt evokes her passion for the field of infertility and her work with fertility patients.

If you have used any form of third party reproduction at the Reproductive Resource Center (RRC) of Greater Kansas City, you would have been seen by Vogt. As a Nurse Practitioner at the fertility clinic, she coordinates and provides care for all fertility patients using donor egg, donor sperm, gestational surrogacy or a combination of those. She also screens and examines all egg donors.

In addition, Vogt is the fertility clinic’s FDA compliance officer. As of May 25, 1995, the FDA is required to inspect clinics that provide any care involving a donation of human cells. Infertility clinics that do egg donation, sperm donation or surrogacy are now treated like any other clinic that accepts blood and organ donation. Vogt ensures that that the clinic is in compliance with requirements set by the FDA and updates related protocols and manuals.

Vogt has been a fertility nurse with RRC since 1993. “I’ve been working with infertility for over 25 years, and have had the opportunity to be part of the medical advancements that increase the likelihood that someone coming to our office will leave with a pregnancy and eventually have the family that they dreamed of,” Vogt says.

Vogt recalls a time in the not too distant past when a young patient with premature ovarian failure had no fertility treatment options — adoption was the only way she could become a parent. “And now, theoretically, anyone that comes to our clinic — we can help them have their family. It may not be in the manner in which they hoped for, but with all the options available they can have a family,” she adds.

Vogt says it’s a privilege to do the work she does. “Fertility treatment has always been a team approach and even more so today; it’s much more complicated and truly requires a team. And if there’s a weak link in the chain then you’re not going to be successful. I’m proud to say I’ve worked with phenomenal people, and I’ve worked and gained so much from members of the team."

Vogt expressed real pride and gratification regarding her profession more than once in our conversation for this profile. It’s a pleasure to recognize Marge Vogt as Nurse of the Month.

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