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Fertility Nurse of the Month, Rene Alexander, LVN

November 2013
Rene Alexander, Houston Fertility Institute

Rene consistently goes above and beyond for each of her patients. She anticipates a patient's questions, meticulously plans each cycle, thoroughly responds to any questions, and offers comforting words when needed. I have been through 3 cycles with her but I learned quickly how wonderful she is. During my first cycle, my husband and I were supposed to have a teaching session with a nurse on how to give injections. Neither my husband or I had ever given an injection and were fairly nervous about it. The nurse was rushed during the teaching session and made my husband and I even more anxious about the process. Rene saw this and offered to re-do the session even though it was past 6pm and there was not anyone else left in the clinic. Rene took her time to show us how to draw up the injections, mix them, and administer them. We left feeling calm and ready for our first IVF cycle. I would have been lost without Rene's efforts and assistance over the last year! Fertility Nurse of the Month Nomination for Rene Alexander

A patient’s testimony about her relationship with her fertility nurse speaks volumes about the nurse’s character, commitment and compassion. FertilityAuthority is pleased to recognize Rene Alexander as Nurse of the Month.

Before she became a nurse, Alexander was looking for a stable profession that would enable her to give back to her community. “Nursing gave me the most opportunity in giving back,” she says. And witnessing a family member’s heartbreaking infertility struggle, that ultimately had a heartwarming outcome, ignited her interest in fertility nursing. Eighteen years ago she transitioned from a labor and delivery nurse to a fertility nurse. Alexander has been with Houston Fertility Institute for the past four years.

As a Charge Nurse, she provides a full range of fertility patient care: setting up treatment plans, filling prescriptions, scheduling procedures, monitoring and guiding patients through their IVF cycle, and providing counseling and patient education. In addition, Alexander oversees other fertility team members, including three nurses, a phlebotomist and lab technician.

She likens the infertility journey to a roller coaster ride and says that an infertility diagnosis can rock your world. Many patients don’t anticipate the effects of treatment, she says, and expect one outcome, but get an unexpected result. Consequently, in addition to the clinical aspect of her job, counseling and listening are an important component of patient care. She’s empathetic to her patient’s struggles and their need for a shoulder to lean on or cry on.

And naturally, her job has its happy moments too. “Being able to be a part of creating life is wonderful. Seeing [successful patients’] faces, how much they love their children, is the best reward. Being able to help them achieve that is an honor.”

Alexander’s faith helps guide her daily life and her role as a fertility nurse. “My purpose is to show the world love and treat people with loving kindness.” Her patients are fortunate to have a nurse with that outlook.

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