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Fertility Nurse of the Month: Rosa Gonzalez

Santa Monica Fertility, Santa Monica, CA

October 2012

Rosa Gonzalez’s day isn’t that much different from other IVF nurses’ who are cycle coordinators. In the mornings she performs blood draws, and provides instructions to patients regarding fertility drugs. In the afternoons she emails and talks with patients to update them on their blood work results and IVF cycles. New patient education is also in the mix.

What she and her patients believe sets her apart is the hand holding and personal care she provides. The patient who nominated her for FertilityAuthority Nurse of the Month said, “She makes you feel like family.” FertilityAuthority is pleased to recognize Rosa Gonzalez as nurse of the Month.

At Santa Monica Fertility, patients are matched with a nurse who sees them through the entire fertility treatment cycle. According to Gonzalez this gives the patients a good comfort level. They can email or call any time of the day, any day of the week, including weekends when the nurses are on call.

That personal care includes administering fertility drug injections to patients who aren’t comfortable self-administering or getting injections at home. And, she says, “We walk them through their first injections on the phone for five minutes to an hour, just to be there for emotional support.”

“I tell my IVF patients to think happy thoughts. Talk to your ovaries and talk to your uterus the day of the transfer. Talk to your ovaries and embryos,” she tells them. “I think it helps the patients,” she adds.

A dedicated nurse, Gonzalez commutes to work two hours each way. “I enjoy what I do – I like working with the nurses – we’ve all been here a long time, we all enjoy what we do. A lot of what we do has to be personal care and if you don’t have that desire to be here or if you’re not happy then this is not the place to be. Because the patients do need a lot of care and handholding – a lot of personal touch and care,” she says.

FertilityAuthority congratulates Rosa Gonzalez on being named Nurse of the Month. Her attitude and commitment to patient care is commendable.

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