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Fertility Nurse of the Month: Tamara Tobias, MSN, RNC, NP


Seattle Reproductive Medicine, Seattle, Washington, February 2011

FertilityAuthority is pleased to honor Tamara Tobias as Fertility Nurse of the month. Her dedication to patient and professional education, her compassionate nature, and years of experience with fertility treatment and third party reproduction deserve the recognition.

Tobias has been on both sides of the fertility nurse’s desk. After struggling with infertility for eight years, she and her husband had twins via in vitro fertilization (IVF) in 2001, and just last year adopted another child. While she was dealing with infertility, “I went back to school, got my Nurse Practitioner degree, and wanted to learn everything I could about infertility,” Tobias says. She started working as an infertility nurse in 1998.

Tobias’s role as an infertility nurse is both clinical and managerial in nature. She has worked with Seattle Reproductive Medicine (SRM) since the clinic was founded. “I was very fortunate to start with Seattle Reproductive Medicine when they opened,” Tobias said. She helped set up the program, including developing the egg donation program, IVF calendars, the electronic charting system, and FDA rules and regulations — which evolved into managing all of the fertility clinic’s standard operating procedures (SOPs). That startup is now a top Seattle fertility clinic with a satellite office.

Tobias is involved with all third party programs at Seattle Reproductive Medicine — consulting for the egg donor program she developed, running the sperm donor program and managing the physical exams for the gestational carrier program. In addition, she says a lot of her day is spent with ultrasound monitoring.

Having experienced infertility, fertility treatment and adoption, Tobias says, “I feel like I have a really nice overview of a lot of what our patients go through, and I have a lot of compassion — and I really like the one-on-one contact with our patients.”

She emphasizes the support aspect of her role as a fertility nurse. “As I’m doing the ultrasound I can give [the patient] a lot of feedback,” she says. “Setting expectations is important, and patient education — and how can I improve it — has always been one of things I’ve been interested in,” Tobias adds.

She also talks about her role as “cheerleader.” “I think [fertility patients] need to have hope — you don’t want to give them false hope, but you don’t want them going with no hope. Miracles do happen and I think they need to know that. Not to give up. Eventually their dream will come true; it just may not be the route they thought,” Tobias says. She knows that first-hand. She wears a little pin on her lab coat every day, which reads “Believe in Miracles.” It "is something I hold dear to my heart," she adds.

In addition to being a mom of three and a fertility nurse with a large workload, Tobias is also the Chair of the Nurse’s Professional Group of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). “Our biggest thing this year was launching a certificate course for nurses.” It was launched in October.

FertilityAuthority congratulates Tobias for all her accomplishments and is proud to recognize her as Nurse of the Month.

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