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Fertility-Related Businesses Help Haiti

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by Jennifer Redmond, Editor-in-Chief, Feb. 18, 2010

The earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12 claimed 230,000 lives and, according to the Red Cross, approximately 270,000 Haitians are living in makeshift shelters while another 1.2 million are “still sleeping rough in the streets.” The cost of rebuilding Haiti is estimated to be upwards of $8 billion, with some estimates as high as $13.9 billion.

Donations and relief efforts have been pouring in from around the world, and the fertility community has responded in kind. Here are just a few of those fertility-related businesses we know about who have helped:

    Fertility Centers of Illinois (FCI). FCI launched “Operation Dignity” to gather tampons, sanitary napkins and diapers. According to FCI, these personal sanitary products are often overlooked in the weeks that follow a natural disaster. Donations are being accepted at all FCI offices

    Shady Grove Fertility. Shady Grove Fertility collected donations from staff and the practice matched the contributions for a total of $7,000 donated to the Red Cross.

    Village Fertility Pharmacy. From now until the end of February, Village Fertility Pharmacy will donate $.10 to Doctors Without Borders for every gonadotropin (75 IU equivalency) they dispense. Because gonadotropins are one of the most commonly prescribed fertility medications and each fertility patient requires a number of these medications within a cycle, Village Fertility Pharmacy expects this will result in a considerable donation.

FertilityAuthority also donated approximately $2,300 to the Red Cross. A company matching program raised $1,300 and $10 was donated for each new subscriber to the daily e-newsletter The Daily Shot. If your organization donated time, money or goods to the Haiti relief effort, email us at and let us know.