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Fertility Treatment Costs in Central New Jersey

Many fertility patients report feeling worried about their financial situation.

Case in point: research presented at the 2013 International Federation of Fertility Societies found that over 80 percent of IVF patients said that financial concerns were a top worry.

Fertility treatments can be expensive, but there are discount programs for fertility treatment that can help you swing the costs.

Discounts on IVF

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine estimates that the average cost of an IVF cycle is over $12,000. That can seem pricey as it is, but the cost can grow when you consider more than one cycle is often necessary for success.

That’s where the IVFAdvantage program comes in. Through this program, you’ll buy multiple IVF cycles up front for a reduced fee—up to two fresh and two frozen embryo IVF cycles. This can give you a discount of up to 40 percent. You can be eligible for IVFAdvantage if you are a cash-paying patient whose fertility doctor recommended the IVF procedure to you.

For more information on IVF Advantage, contact a patient care advocate at 855-996-SAVE.

Discounts on Egg Freezing

Depending on which fertility clinic you choose, one egg freezing cycle can cost anywhere from $6,500 to $18,000.

The discount program EggBanxx can help you save on your fertility preservation costs. You’ll buy a one, two or three egg-freezing cycle up front, which includes up to 24 months of storage. This helps you save up to 20 percent from the walk-in prices normally charged by fertility clinics. Through this program, you can pay anywhere from $5,400 to $8,300. Plus, you can apply for financing with one of our loan providers to break up your cost into monthly payments.
For more information on EggBanxx, or to talk to a patient care advocate, call 855-55-BANXX.

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