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Fertility Treatments and the Holidays

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by Kristen Magnacca

?Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.
Wayne Dyer

So the holiday season is upon us and perhaps we feel as though we’re channeling Santa by making a list and checking it twice to get ourselves organized for the festivities.

Or maybe you’re just not feeling it yet?

The shopping, wrapping, tinsel, sparkling lights, fertility shots, blood work, vaginal ultrasounds, embryo transfers and artificial (intrauterine) inseminations are activities that just seem as though they don’t go together. And there is certainty not a catchy holiday song that incorporates them all!

You may feel as if fertility treatment and the holidays are like oil and water — and that sentiment might creep into the festivities. The unbalanced feeling of giving so much of yourself toward the act of creating a family might leave you feeling as though there is a burden to have to “give” more to others, especially during the holidays.

Well, I have a question for you that might relieve some of the pressure:

Did you ever stop and think we are all gifts to others? That our mere presence on this beautiful earth — our smiling, laughing, offering a simple word of encouragement or sharing a moment — impacts another person in ways that sometimes we are not even aware of?

The Flow of Life's Energy

During the fertility journey that is challenging you at the current life moment, we might forget that there is a giving and receiving to life’s energy, and that when under pressure the flow might get interrupted.

Abundance is what we need to call in each and every day because we get clouded by emotions and forget that there really is a river of abundance. Allow it to flow over you and connect to the abundance in life, defined as the ability to do what you need to do, when you need to do it. Don't we all need a reminder of this energy? Especially during the holidays and especially when you add on a fertility cycle?

That might sound well and good but how do you take this concept of gifts and abundance and bring it to where the rubber meets the road? Let’s call the rubber "the day to day, mundane and extremes of fertility treatments during the holiday seasons."

Focusing on service to others in the moments that feel unbearable brings in a rush of abundance. When we look to how our life impacts others and make our intention be “doing unto others,” the trials and tribulations seem to melt away.

Tuning In

This shift happened for me during our darkest day of our fertility journey. After our loss of our first pregnancy, I was closed off from everyone — from my husband, friends, family and total strangers in the grocery store. It wasn’t until I realized how my withholding of my energies from others around me was affecting all that a shift happened for and in me in an instant.

There is a great balance in giving and receiving. The dance of the energies are magical and effortless. We just need to “tune in."


Author, consultant, and coach Kristen Magnacca has been featured on the Today Show and in publications including Woman’s World, the Boston Globe,,, and Kristen and her husband Mark live on Cape Cod with their children, Grace and Cole. Kristen invites readers to contact her through her website at