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FertilityAuthority Brand Continues its Climb in May

June 3, 2010

May was a month of impressive growth for the FertilityAuthority brand, and we’re eager to share this progress with you. Visits to grew 9% during the month, and pageviews increased 10%. We again improved our rankings on search engine results pages, creating a 22% jump in organic traffic to the site during May. This is a testament to our growing credibility and relevance in the specialty health care marketplace. FertilityAuthority has also seen a significant increase in traffic referred to the site from other websites as more online businesses send us users looking for our fertility content, news and resources. It is truly exciting to watch and measure our growth on a daily basis.

If you haven’t seen our mini-sites yet, take a look! With just a click you can travel to FertilityAuthority in Boston, Chicago and Miami, and will soon be able to visit Washington DC, Tampa, and Houston. These "sitelets" offer users highly targeted information relevant to their geographic location, and this localized content is good for both patients and sponsors alike.

Tell your patients, friends and coworkers to look for our free giveaways! Right now through June 14th, visit FertilityAuthority and enter to win a free Fertility Ball™ and a Yoga4Fertility™ DVD. These natural fertility products are produced by Strong Yoga4Fertility and offer women specific yoga instructions that could improve circulation to reproductive organs.

Visit our new section, Your Fertility that focuses on educating those just starting to think about having a family. It helps users better understand the natural process their body goes through, and when they are most likely to conceive. We hope this will empower more women to take control of their fertility.

Thank you all for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing more news with you soon. If you have any questions, please contact Kerry Walker, Vice President, Business Operations,

Kerry Amen Walker
Vice President, Business Operations