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FertilityAuthority Launches Premium Business Services Unit to Help Fertility Specialists with Digital Media Marketing Solutions

New York, NY: February 25, 2010: Now that 61% of adults search for health information online, it is more important than ever for health care providers to have well designed websites and a clear online marketing strategy. Patients are more educated and savvy and want to find information, do research, get emotional support and book appointments from their desktops with ease. The fertility industry is no exception. This $4B per year industry is highly competitive, so clinics across the country are looking to maximize their online investments with the help of experienced digital media marketing executives. Many of them are calling on FertilityAuthority to provide these services.

Launched in February 2009, FertilityAuthority ( has become the premier digital media company in the fertility space. Given their rise to the top in just one year and their unparalleled knowledge of the industry, fertility clinics across the country are asking for their expertise when designing their own sites. To answer these calls, FertilityAuthority recently launched its Premium Business Services unit (PBS) to provide services such as creative design, search engine marketing, lead generation, public relations and video creation.

FertilityAuthority just completed a major site redesign and online marketing plan for Huntington Reproductive Center in California. One of the largest fertility clinics in the country, HRC has a strong reputation for medicine but had no clear online plan and didn’t want to lose prospective patients. HRC Chief Executive Officer Roger Good says, "We had a website, but lacked real direction as far as our online presence was concerned. We needed help from experts who not only understood digital media but also were well-versed in the fertility industry. FertilityAuthority was the perfect solution. Their team was highly dedicated to making our site work for us, and we’re thrilled with the results."

There are many web design and consulting firms out there, but what sets FertilityAuthority apart is their knowledge of the reproductive industry and their dedication to customer service. Understanding the dynamics of such a niche market enables them to implement strategies that will drive users to a particular site. FertilityAuthority specializes in customized solutions that target patients and deliver quality results within a given budget. CEO Gina Bartasi says, "We offer customers high quality service. We want them to see results from our work – actual, measurable results. That’s what performance based marketing strategies are all about."

FertilityAuthority’s PBS business is thriving, and they are currently assisting several clients with their online platforms. Bartasi adds, "Our clients are dedicated healthcare professionals, and in the end, we want to help them reach more patients. If we help them with strategy, they can focus more of their energy on medicine and quality patient care. It’s a partnership we are proud to engage in."


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