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FertilityAuthority Welcomes New Contributors and Bloggers

Network of Fertility Bloggers, Fertility Doctors and Industry Experts Grows as FertilityAuthority Welcomes New Contributors to

FertilityAuthority, the world's largest web portal devoted to fertility, is expanding its community of bloggers to provide even greater professional advice and patient perspective on infertility.

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 28, 2014

“More than 7 million people in the US have infertility, and there are many, many causes, conditions, symptoms, and treatments. It’s important that our bloggers have varied backgrounds and provide wide-ranging points of view to be able to connect with our audience in a meaningful way,” says Jennifer A. Redmond, Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of FertilityAuthority.
FertilityAuthority bloggers are women and men, clinicians and fertility professionals, and current and former fertility patients.

Our newest bloggers include:

  • Kathryn Flynn. Author of Cooking for Fertility: Foods to Nourish Your Fertile Soul contributes on FertilityAuthority with her blog, Fertile Foods.
  • Amy Klein. Writer and fertility patient who charted her weekly fertility journey at The New York Times’ "Motherlode" blog. Her blog on FertilityAuthority is called "In Vitro."
  • Katie Landry. Long Island, NY Christian high-school English teacher trying to conceive. Her experiences are expressed through her blog, Baby Affections.
  • Dr. Victoria Maizes. Executive Director of the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine; Professor of Medicine, Family Medicine and Public Health at The University of Arizona. Dr Maizes guides readers through her blog appropriately called Preparing for Pregnancy.
  • Julie Monacelli. Mom of three and paramedic writes about her journey with secondary infertility, while undergoing fertility treatment.
  • Marta Montenegro. Lifestyle Consultant, Nutrition Specialist, and Exercise Physiologist at IVFMD Lifestyles at South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine.
  • Katie O’Connor Founder of Shine Chicago, wife, mom and infertility advocate. Her work and writings on Shining Light on Fertility raise awareness while helping those with infertility.
  • Madison Rae. Fertility patient with endometriosis and fibroids. Founder of the Infertility Prayer Project.
  • Marc Sedaka. Former fertility patient, father of three, and author of What He Can Expect When She’s Not Expecting: How to Support Your Wife, Save your Marriage and Conquer Infertility.
  • Sherika Wynter. 27-year-old woman with endometriosis who has chosen to freeze her eggs for fertility preservation. She writes of her experiences on her column, The Fertile Anomaly.

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