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Financing IVF with IVF Advantage

The cost of IVF doesn’t have to keep you from seeking treatment. You can finance IVF treatment with IVFAdvantage, the only IVF savings plan developed by patients for patients. IVFAdvantage offers exclusive pricing at fertility clinics across the US and an option to finance treatment. There are no restrictions to participate and you can customize your treatment plan based on your individual needs.

Once you are enrolled in IVFAdvantage, you can apply for a loan to cover your IVF treatment, fertility drugs and associated travel costs. Through its lending partner, you can borrow between $1,000 and $100,000, with no money down and rates starting at 5.9%. There are flexible loan terms up to 84 months.

Call 855-996-SAVE (7283) to speak to a Patient Care Advocate who can answer your questions about IVFAdvantage, schedule an appointment with a fertility doctor who participates in IVFAdvantage, and help you address your IVF financing needs. Or fill out this form to get IVFAdvantage pricing.

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