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Find a Hartford and New Haven Fertility Clinic

If you’ve been unable to conceive after one year of trying—and you’re under the age of 35—or after one year if you’re over the age of 35, you may want to consider transitioning your care to a fertility doctor.

There are nine fertility clinics located in the state of Connecticut, including two in the Hartford County and New Haven County area: the Center for Advanced Reproductive Services and the Yale Fertility Center. These fertility clinics offer infertility diagnostics, first-line fertility treatments like IUI or ovarian stimulation, and more complex procedures like IVF, egg donation, and surrogacy.

Hartford and New Haven Fertility Clinic Options has an extensive database of fertility clinics in the Hartford and New Haven area, as well as those throughout Connecticut. To find a clinic near you, enter your zip code in the “Find a Doctor” or “Find a Clinic” search at the top of the website.

Choosing a Fertility Clinic

Choosing a fertility clinic is a big step, and it’s not something you should take lightly. So how can you go about choosing the right clinic for your situation?

One factor to consider is fertility treatment success rates. Fertility clinics across the country report their success rates to the CDC, who compile them in a document called the Assisted Reproductive Technology Report. This shows success rates for IVF by age group, as well as total number of cycles. It also lists total number of cycles and success rates for fresh and frozen egg donor cycles.

When you are reading the success rates, pay attention to the total number of cycles performed, especially for women in your age group. A high number will indicate the clinic has experience treating women your age. Also, pay attention to diagnoses treated and procedures offered. Some fertility clinics won’t accept patients of a certain age or with certain conditions that may make pregnancy more difficult to achieve. By being selective regarding the patients, they can help their success rates appear higher.

Other Factors to Consider

Along with success rates, you may also want to choose a fertility clinic with logistics in mind. For instance, it is common to have frequent appointments at the clinic. So you may want to choose a fertility clinic that is easy to get to from your house or workplace. And if necessary, look into ones with extended hours or weekend appointments.


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