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Your next step should be making an appointment at a fertility clinic if you’ve been unable to conceive. What counts as trouble conceiving? Current guidelines consider it as one year trying to conceive if you’re under 35 or six months if you are over 35.

Currently, there are four fertility clinics in the state of Kentucky, two of which are located in Louisville and two in Lexington.

Kentucky Fertility Clinic Options has an extensive database of fertility clinics in the Kentucky. Type in your zip code in the “Find a Doctor” or “Find a Clinic” search.

Choosing a Kentucky Fertility Clinic

Choosing a fertility clinic is an important step, since it’s vital you find a clinic—and a fertility doctor—you feel comfortable with.

Fertility clinic success rates may seem like an easy way to make your choice, but they shouldn’t be the only factors considered. That’s because success rates may not tell the whole story. Some fertility clinics may become selective about the patients they take on, since those with more difficult conditions or diagnoses may be less likely to conceive. And that would affect the success rates.

Instead, don’t forget other options like in-person consultations, visits to the fertility clinic, and recommendations from people you trust.


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