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Find a North Dakota Fertility Clinic

If you have been trying to conceive for one year without success if you’re under 35—or for six months if you’re over the age of 35—you may benefit from visiting a fertility clinic. There is one fertility clinic located in the state of North Dakota. This clinic, called the Sanford Reproductive Medicine Institute, is located in Fargo.

North Dakota Fertility Clinic Options has an extensive database of fertility clinics in the North Dakota area. Type in your zip code in the “Find a Doctor” or “Find a Clinic” search at the top of the website.

Choosing a North Dakota Fertility Clinic

One important resource out there when considering fertility clinic choices is called the Assisted Reproductive Technology Report. Published by the CDC, this report lists success rates for clinics across the United States, as well as procedures performed and diagnoses treated.

Fertility clinic success rates can give you important information about a fertility clinic, but they should not be the only factor considered. When reading the success rates, pay close attention to the total number of cycles performed, as well as the success rates for women in your age group.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fertility Clinic

Before you commit to a fertility clinic, it can be helpful to visit it in person and to meet a staff fertility doctor for an infertility consultation. This will give you the opportunity to ask the fertility doctor questions about their experience and treatment philosophies.

Visiting the clinic is also important because it can help you gauge your comfort level there. Because fertility treatments often require frequent appointments, it’s likely you’ll find yourself traveling to the clinic often. You want to make sure the staff is polite, approachable, and helpful, since you don’t want to feel uncomfortable asking questions.

Also, pay attention to the commute to the clinic. You want to be careful about choosing a fertility clinic that is too hard to reach, or takes too long a drive, since that can add stress to your fertility treatment process.


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hi there..Actually I wanna ask about if it is possible to choose the gender of my next baby in your clinic by the PGD although I live in Winnipeg MB .If Yes what is the total amount of this the way me and my wife are healthy and we have a daughter.

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