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Find a Tucson, AZ, Fertility Clinic

Current guidelines recommend you make an appointment with a fertility doctor if you’ve been unable to conceive over one year if you’re under 35 or over six months if you’re over 35.

If that describes your situation, you may wonder what your first step should be in finding a fertility clinic. There are two fertility clinics located in Tucson, and eight more throughout the rest of the state of Arizona.

Tucson Fertility Clinic Options has an extensive database of fertility clinics in Tucson and throughout Arizona. Type in your zip code in the “Find a Doctor” or “Find a Clinic” search.

Choosing a Tucson Fertility Clinic

So how can you choose the best fertility clinic for you? One way to start is to gather recommendations from trusted sources, such as your primary care doctor, your ob/gyn, or friends or family members who have experienced fertility treatments.

You may also want to look at fertility clinic success rates in Tucson. You can find this information listed in the Assisted Reproductive Technology Report, an annual compilation of data produced by the CDC. This report lists total number of IVF cycles performed per age group and number of successful births. It also lists this information for egg donor IVF cycles, both fresh and frozen.

Fertility treatment success rates shouldn’t be the only information you use when choosing a fertility clinic in Tucson. That’s because there’s a lot that goes into them. Some fertility clinics, in order to make their success rates seem higher, won’t accept women with certain diagnoses or who are over a certain age, since that may make pregnancy more difficult to achieve.

You may also want to factor in logistical information when choosing a clinic. Because fertility clinics often require frequent appointments, you should plan on traveling to the clinic frequently. That means it’s helpful to pick a fertility clinic that is convenient, whether it is close to your home or work or does not involve a tricky commute. Fertility treatments can be stressful enough—you don’t want to add in a long or hairy back-and-forth.


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