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The First and Only FDA-Cleared Test to Aid in Embryo Selection

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The Eeva Test was cleared by the FDA in June 2014 for use in the United States to aid in embryo selection. To date, thousands of IVF cycles in the US, Canada and Europe have included the Eeva Test.

The Eeva Test uses non-invasive time-lapse imaging to assess embryos early development – from Day 1 through Day 3. With a special camera-equipped microscope, imaging takes place within the incubator without disturbing the embryos.

The Eeva System analyzes this information using proprietary software to predict each embryo’s potential for further development. The Eeva Test can provide your IVF team with reliable, objective information to help them select embryos with greater confidence as they strive to do everything possible to help improve your odds of a successful pregnancy.

This non-invasive method of analyzing embryos is based on research conducted at Stanford University. The researchers discovered that patterns and timing of early cell-division could reflect an embryo’s underlying molecular health and predict its developmental outcome.

Clinical studies have shown that the Eeva Test increases embryologists’ ability to accurately predict embryo development potential by 53% when using the Eeva Test along with traditional methods.


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