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First Canadian Pregnancy with New IVF Technology

Written in Partnership with Genesis Fertility

The EevaTM (Early Embryo Viability Assessment) Test is a new technology that fertility doctors and embryologists are using to aid in embryo selection. The Eeva Test analyzes early embryo development, allowing doctors to choose or transfer only the embryo or embryos that have the best development potential.

Here’s how it works:

  • Embryos are retrieved during an IVF cycle
  • Embryos are placed in a specially-designed Eeva dish
  • Eeva’s microscope takes video images of embryos inside the incubator
  • The video images are analyzed by Eeva’s proprietary software
  • The embryos are cultured to day 3 or day 5
  • Based on traditional morphology and the Eeva Test results, , the best embryos are chosen to transfer

This non-invasive process continually images embryo development and assesses the early embryo cell divisions, which informs the embryologist of its viability and potential for development.

Genesis Fertility in Vancouver is the first fertility clinic in North America to offer the Eeva Test, and the first Canadian fertility clinic to report a pregnancy using the technology. According to Dr. Sonya Kashyap, Genesis Medical Director, studies show that using the Eeva Test adjunctive to traditional morphology enables you to predict blastocyst formation 53% better than traditional morphology alone.

“The Eeva Test results is one extra piece of information to help you select the right embryo,” Kashyap says. “If you have several embryos that look the same, how do you pick which one is best? With the Eeva Test, we know the journey the embryos went to get to day 3 or day 5. If they go through a more organized journey, if they follow normal patterns of cell division, that’s the embryo we want to transfer. The Eeva System allows us to use the videos and software in addition to our regular embryo selection techniques to hopefully provide better outcomes for our IVF patients.”

The Eeva Test is a step ahead of time lapse technology, because it interprets the results. Its researchers built an algorithm after modeling thousands of embryos to determine the normal patterns of embryo development. And that computerized algorithm interprets the video that’s been made of the embryos to tell you what embryo has the highest potential of development or the lowest potential of development.


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