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First Frozen Egg Baby Reunion Held in Orange County, California

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Source: West Coast Fertity Centers. Cadyn, the first frozen egg baby born in California.

In Orange County, California, nearly 70 families and their healthy frozen egg babies came together in October for the first reunion of babies born from frozen eggs. The reunion, hosted by David Diaz, M.D., medical director of West Coast Fertility Centers and Frozen Egg Bank Inc., celebrated the promise of hope in egg freezing technology.

Cadyn (pictured above) was the oldest child in the group at the reunion and had just celebrated her sixth birthday. She is the first frozen egg baby born in California, and the bright and thriving little red head enjoyed her role at the party as the "big sister" to the younger children.

The first successful birth from a frozen egg occurred in 1986. To date, there have been more than 1,000 healthy babies born worldwide from frozen eggs and about 400 in the United States. Most of the live births from frozen eggs have occurred in during the past six years. Since then, major improvements have been made in the egg freezing process, laboratory techniques and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

Embryos (fertilized eggs) and sperm have been successfully frozen and thawed to create healthy babies for several decades, but it is only recently that egg freezing been successful. In the past, the only method that could be used to freeze eggs was a slow-freezing method, which could cause ice crystals to form within the egg. A newer technique called vitrification freezes the egg so quickly that ice crystals don't have time to form.

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