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Five Tips for Traveling Abroad from the U.S. for IVF

Cost of IVF is the number one reason patients travel from the U.S. to other countries for the fertility treatment. Many fertility clinics offer travel packages that include transportation, accommodations and even mind-body therapies and acupuncture. That all-inclusive price plus the cost of IVF may be lower than the price of an IVF cycle near you. That, and the lure of fertility treatment in a desirable or exotic location may be appealing. But is it right for you?

Tips on getting started:

  • Research IVF clinics abroad.
  • Many clinics market and advertise to fertility patients. Visit their websites, read comments and ask questions on online fertility tourism forums, and source testimonials or referrals.

  • Learn about the clinics’ IVF programs.
  • Does the clinic have a high volume of fertility patients from out of country? What are their processes and procedures for working with patients out of the country? What are success rates?

  • Paying for IVF treatment.
  • When looking at costs, make sure you get a full breakdown of what is included and what is not. Make sure you’re comparing clinics’ costs appropriately. What form of payment is accepted and is there a favorable exchange rate (if applicable)?

  • Understand the laws.
  • For each country you are considering, understand the laws regarding assisted reproductive technology.

  • Consider practical points.
  • Do the doctors and staff speak your language? How easy or difficult is travel from where you live? How long will you be away from home for treatment?

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