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Fort Worth, Texas Egg Donation

There is one Fort Worth Fertility Clinic and 34 others across Texas. In 2010, Fort Worth Fertility performed 17 donor egg IVF cycles, 15 with fresh donor eggs and two with frozen donor eggs. While using an egg donor is generally not a woman’s first choice, it is a good option for older women, women with poor egg quality or quantity, and for some women who have had multiple miscarriages.

Choosing an Egg Donor

A known egg donor, is someone you and your partner know personally, often a friend or relative. With an anonymous egg donor you won’t know her identity; you will choose her through a database of profiles at an egg donor agency or fertility clinic. You may choose to do a fresh donor egg cycle or a frozen donor egg cycle.

Egg Donor Agencies and Clinics

Egg donor agencies and clinics that offer egg donation provide a database of donors for you to choose from. Egg donors are generally in their 20’s, and undergo physical and emotional screening, along with medical, social and family history, prior to being accepted as a donor. You can choose an egg donor with certain characteristics, such as race, ethnicity, and level of educational.

A number of Texas egg donation agencies and Texas fertility clinics offer egg donation, including Fort Worth Fertility, in Fort Worth, TX. Some women and couples prefer working with fertility clinics because everything can be taken care of in one place, like diagnosis, treatment, egg donor selection and screening, and the IVF procedure.


Comments (4)

Hi! I was wondering what is the age limit to become an egg donor Thank you!!

Hi Paola, It may depend more on test results and your ovarian reserve than your age, Many clinics have internal egg donation programs, you can reach out to a couple clinics and inquire as to their requirements.


Good Afternoon, I'm emailing different clinics about frozen donor eggs, and your clinic was first on my list. I would like to know the cost for the treatment and what is required prior to starting to have my finances together. I'm from Houston and need to know how many times I would have to travel. I hope to hear from your clinic soon and by email preferrably. Thank you in advance. Betty

Betty - We'd be more than happy to help. If you could email us at, that would be great. We can walk through your information (your age, TTC/fertility history, goals, etc.) and then we can get you set up with an appropriate clinic/doctor in your area. Us doing this would be free of charge. You would just need to pay the doctor if it's not covered by insurance. :)

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