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Freezing Your Eggs in Brooklyn

Egg freezing has grown in popular over the last few years as a fertility preservation technique.

With egg freezing, a woman can preserve her eggs when they are healthy and viable so they can be used to achieve pregnancy in the future.

Women choose egg freezing for social or medical reasons. Some examples of social reasons may be if a woman has not yet met the right partner, or if she has career or educational goals she’d like to achieve first before starting a family. Women may also choose egg freezing for medical reasons, such as cancer treatments that may impair fertility.

There are two fertility clinics in Brooklyn that offer egg freezing, as well as many more throughout the greater New York City area.

How Does Egg Freezing Work?

With egg freezing, you will undergo the same hormone-injection regimen as you would with IVF. But with egg freezing, once those eggs are harvested, they will be frozen.

The entire process takes a couple of weeks. You’ll be given fertility drugs to stimulate the growth of eggs during a process called ovarian stimulation, which you’ll take for about 8 to 12 days. Your eggs will be monitored during this time. When your eggs are ready, you’ll be given a trigger shot for egg retrieval. During this process—which you’ll experience under general anesthesia— your fertility doctor will harvest your eggs using an ultrasound-guided hollow needle.

Your eggs will then be frozen. Many fertility clinics prefer using vitrification for this. With this flash-freezing process, ice crystals are less likely to form, so the eggs can thaw more safely.

Egg Freezing Costs

Egg freezing can be expensive. Costs vary depending on your location and fertility clinic, but they generally cost between $6,500 and $18,000 per egg freezing cycle.

EggBanxx is a discount program that can help you save on egg freezing costs. With this program, you’ll pay a flat fee for a package that includes one, two, or three egg freezing cycles. Multiple cycles may be necessary, since the average cycle produces 5 to 15 eggs, and most experts agree than 20 are necessary to produce a pregnancy.

Egg freezing costs through EggBanxx ranges from $5,400 to $8,300 per cycle. This can give you a savings of up to 15% off the walk-in price charged by fertility clinics.
If you are interested in freezing your eggs through EggBanxx, your first step is to contact a patient care advocate through 855-55-BANXX. Your patient care advocate can help you locate a fertility clinic near you that works with the program.

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