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Freezing Your Eggs in Hartford and New Haven, CT

Over the past few years, egg freezing has grown in popularity as a fertility preservation technique. With egg freezing, a woman will freeze her eggs when they are healthy and viable so they can be used in the future.

Why choose egg freezing? Some women want to freeze their eggs for social reasons, such as if they haven’t yet met the right partner yet, or if they have career or educational goals they would like to achieve before having children. Others may freeze their eggs for medical reasons, such as if certain medical conditions or medical treatments—like chemotherapy—have left them unable to conceive.

How Does Egg Freezing Work?

First, you want to choose a fertility clinic that is experienced in egg freezing and has a history of positive outcomes. Once you decide on a clinic, you will undergo tests like lab work and ultrasounds.

Then, your fertility doctor will start you on ovarian stimulation meds, which you will take in order to produce multiple eggs for harvesting. When the eggs have matured, you’ll receive a trigger shot. About 36 hours after this, you’ll be ready for the egg retrieval process.

For egg retrieval, a fertility doctor will use an ultrasound-guided needle to harvest the eggs, while you are under anesthesia. Then your eggs will be frozen. Most fertility clinics now use a process called vitrification, which is a rapid-freezing technique that prevents the formation of damaging crystals. This better preserves quality when they are thawed later on.

Where Can I Freeze My Eggs?

There are two fertility clinics in the Hartford and New Haven County area that offer egg freezing:

  • Center for Advanced Reproductive Services
  • Yale Fertility Center

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My wife and I are looking at options for egg screening and possible egg freezing. she is currently 41 and has had 3 miss carriages. the last one occurring at 20 weeks due to low amniotic fluids.

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