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Freezing Your Eggs in Maine

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Egg freezing is a fertility preservation procedure that has recently been growing in popularity.

If you know you’d like to have children one day, but feel like the time isn’t right now, you may want to consider egg freezing. You can choose to freeze your eggs for social reasons—say, if you have certain educational or career goals you’d like to achieve first—or for medical reasons, like if you are undergoing fertility-damaging chemotherapy.

The Boston IVF fertility clinic, which maintains an office location in Maine, offers egg freezing.

The Egg Freezing Process

Egg freezing begins in a very similar way to IVF, with a fertility drug regimen for ovarian stimulation. This helps you produce multiple eggs.

This process will take a couple of weeks. You’ll take fertility drugs to help stimulate your eggs, and when they are ready, you’ll be given a trigger shot for egg retrieval. This procedure will take place under general anesthesia. Your fertility doctor will use an ultrasound-guided hollow needle to retrieve your eggs.

After your eggs are harvested, they’ll be frozen. Many fertility clinics prefer to use a technique called vitrificiation to do this. With this rapid-freezing technique, ice crystals are less likely to form on the egg, which could harm it during thawing.

Egg Freezing Costs

Egg freezing can be expensive. One cycle can range anywhere from $6,500 to $18,000, depending on the fertility clinic and your geographic location.

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