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Freezing Your Eggs in Northern New Jersey

Egg freezing is a type of fertility preservation procedure in which a woman freezes her eggs when they are healthy and viable so they can be used to achieve a pregnancy in the future.

Women can choose to freeze their eggs for social reasons, such as if they haven’t yet met the right partner or they have career or educational goals they’d like to achieve first, or for medical reasons, like if they are undergoing potentially fertility-harming chemotherapy.

What to Know About Egg Freezing

Egg freezing begins like an IVF cycle does, with ovarian stimulation to help you produce a greater number of eggs. This process generally takes a couple of weeks. These fertility drugs will help you produce multiple eggs, and when those eggs are ready, you’ll be given a “trigger shot.”

Your fertility doctor will likely schedule your egg retrieval for about 36 hours after your trigger shot. You won’t feel any pain with this procedure, since it is performed under anesthesia. Your fertility doctor will use an ultrasound-guided needle to harvest the eggs from your body.

Your eggs will then be frozen. Many fertility clinics now prefer to use a process called vitrification to freeze them. With this flash-freeze process, there is less of a chance for damaging ice crystals to form, which could harm the quality of the egg when it thaws later on.

Egg Freezing in Northern New Jersey Fertility Clinics

The following fertility clinics in Northern New Jersey offer egg freezing:

  • Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine – New Jersey
  • Fertility Institute of New Jersey & New York
  • Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science, Saint Barnabas Medical Center
  • Diamond Institute for Infertility
  • Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey
  • Valley Hospital Fertility Center
  • IVF New Jersey

Egg Freezing Costs

You can save on egg freezing costs through a program calledEggBanxx. How does it work? You pay upfront for a package that includes either one, two, or three egg freezing cycles (more than one cycle is often necessary to harvest an appropriate number of eggs). This also includes up to 24 months of storage. With this program, you can save up to 20 percent off the cost of the walk-in prices charged by the fertility clinic. You can also apply for financing through our loan partners in order to pay in monthly installments.

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