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Friends for Life: A Known Egg Donor's Story

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by Missi Manning, Business Development Coordinator, The Fertility SOURCE Companies, August 1, 2010

I recently moved from Case Manager of Donor-Intended Parent matches to Business Development Coordinator, and it has left me without the relationships I didn’t realize I would miss. Working behind the scenes is ultimately where I see myself as a businesswoman, but I have been feeling nostalgic lately. I would like to share an excerpt from a two-time repeat egg donor who recently completed an open donation with her Intended Mother in Portland, OR.

    “My last egg donation experience was amazing. Not only did I get to have contact and meet the lady who would be getting them, but I shared her side of the process. I learned of her fears and hopes … I learned that she wanted me to be more than a donor: to be a part of her and her child's life now and later, to which I was very into. Not only did I get to help someone and possibly make miracles happen, but I get to watch them grow, and I’ve made friends for life. Such a simple thing can bring people together. I wonder why more people wouldn't be so willing. It’s not strange to me that there is a part of me somewhere that may be running around later doing great things with their life. It’s beautiful! It's a part of me, a product of love, a triumph born of a difficult road, and a part of the wonderful couple who chose me. It’s a gift on all levels and the best gift you can share with anyone … the gift of life. I know now even more I am meant to be an egg donor as many times as I can. It’s my chance to change people’s lives and that makes the world seem more full of love. A more wonderful place to be living in.”

In November 2010, FertilityAuthority posted my article entitled “Is Meeting Your Donor Right For You." As you can see from the donor’s experience above, meeting her Intended Mother really seemed to open the donor’s eyes even more to the miracle she is helping create. The anonymous donation process is still very popular and is perfectly acceptable as well. Sharing this egg donor’s thoughts will hopefully help some of you decide which way to go with your own donor. Best of luck!


Missi Manning, The Fertility SOURCE Business Development Coordinator, says "Moving into Business Development from Case Management has been a transition worth waiting for." Using her educational background in Business from Cal State Fullerton, she hopes to bring many new opportunities to Fertility SOURCE Companies that will maintain the company's position as an industry leader. It is her goal to help move the company with the trends of the industry while building on its solid reputation.


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