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A Holistic Approach Towards IVF

Written in Partnership with Life IVF Center, July 20, 2015

If you’re looking for a more holistic approach to IVF, you might want to consider Natural Cycle IVF (NC-IVF) or Minimal Stimulation IVF (MS-IVF).

“Women who choose Natural Cycle IVF favor its holistic approach that mirrors natural conception,” says Dr. Frank Yelian, Founder and Medical Director of Life IVF Center. Natural Cycle IVF is a drug-free fertility treatment. Rather than stimulate the ovaries with fertility drugs, one naturally developing follicle is retrieved prior to ovulation. According to Dr. Yelian, “It is commonly agreed that a naturally selected egg is of the best quality, and thus has the most potential to become a healthy baby.” Natural Cycle IVF is ideal for women who prefer a drug-free protocol as well as women who respond poorly to fertility drugs, thus are less likely to produce multiple eggs even with high doses of fertility medication.

Advantages of NC-IVF include:

  • No fertility drugs, thus no side effects of complications related to fertility drugs, such as OHSS
  • Shorter procedure than standard IVF, so no general anesthesia is required
  • Risk of multiple pregnancies is less than 1%
  • Less than half the price of Conventional IVF
  • Less frequent monitoring required
  • Treatment available regardless of patient’s age, FSH, AMH or antral follicle count

Minimal Stimulation IVF uses small doses of oral and injectable fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries to produce two to five follicles. Unlike Conventional IVF, there are only two to three injections in a treatment cycle. MS-IVF will yield a few more high quality eggs in each cycle as compared to NC- IVF, increasing the chance of pregnancy per egg retrieval. Most cycles will yield two to three high quality embryos, Yelian says.

Advantages of MS-IVF include:

  • Reduced side effects and health risks compared to IVF with high doses of fertility drugs
  • No risk of OHSS
  • Significantly reduced cost of fertility drugs
  • Less expensive than Conventional IVF

Yelian became skilled in Natural Cycle IVF and Minimal Stimulation IVF following training under Dr. Osamu Kato, the pioneer of Natural and Minimal Stimulation IVF, at Kato Ladies Clinic in Japan, the largest infertility clinic in Japan. Life IVF Center now specializes in the treatments and is a direct affiliate of Kato Ladies Clinic


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