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Houston Fertility Clinic: How to Choose One

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Throughout the entire state of Texas, there are approximately 33 fertility clinics operating currently. In Houston, there are approximately 15 fertility doctors practicing in the six fertility clinics in and around Houston. These fertility clinics, which are either independent clinics or associated with hospitals or universities, treat women struggling with infertility in the Houston area.

Houston Fertility Clinic Options

Visit the Find a Clinic search on every page of the website to find a fertility clinic in Houston. Alternatively, you can enlist the help of our Patient Care Coordination team to find the best Houston area fertility doctor to meet your needs by filling out the Contact Fertility Doctors Near Me Form.

What to Look For When Choosing an Infertility Clinic

One of the most popular criterion used to choose a fertility clinic is its success rates. While high success rates are an important indication of a highly-functioning fertility clinic, those statistics should not be the only factors taken into consideration. Furthermore, sometimes the success rates can be deceiving if they are not read carefully. When comparing success rates of various fertility clinics, be sure to take into account the breakdown of the statistics, such as success rates by age group and type of assisted reproductive technology used.

A helpful resource in researching the success rates of these fertility clinics in the Houston area is the Assisted Reproductive Technology Report. This report, which is compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), compares services and success rates for every fertility clinic that is currently operating in every state. The report includes a profile of each fertility clinic, including the type of services offered and the patients accepted. It also lists success rates for different types of infertility procedures, such as IVF with fresh eggs, frozen eggs, and donor eggs, and breaks them down by age group of the patients.

These statistics can be very helpful, but they can also be misleading if not read carefully. For instance, a fertility clinic with a high success rate may not be the best choice for you if they do not treat many women with your particular diagnosis. Make sure you look carefully at the success rates by age and treatment breakdown, as well as the total number of procedures completed.

Clinic Practitioners

Your fertility doctor and their staff will be working together to help you achieve your family-building goal. The fertility doctor’s team will include counselors, financial advisors, embryologists, nurses, and lab staff to interpret blood and test results.

After you begin treatments, you (and your partner) will be spending a lot of time with your fertility doctor, so it is important to choose a doctor and a clinic carefully. It is a good idea to schedule a visit to each potential fertility clinic so you can meet the staff, speak with the doctor, and experience a personal feel of the place. Keep an eye on the atmosphere of the place. Are the members of the staff helpful to their patients, and do they answer questions patiently and thoroughly?

It is also important to schedule a meeting with the fertility doctor so you can talk about treatment options, as well as the process for any potential procedures. Speaking with the doctor will also allow you to get a feel of his or her treatment philosophy, and any kinds of specializations they may have. Beforehand, make sure you have a copy of your complete medical history to bring with you, so the doctor can center treatment options based on your unique medical circumstances.


Because you will need to travel to your fertility clinic frequently, it is a good idea to take geographic concerns into play when choosing a fertility clinic. Depending on your treatment, you may even have to go to daily appointments. If you live a distance away from your fertility clinic, the commute may prove to be difficult, and can even contribute to stress and tension.

When making your decision, weigh in the input of doctors, as well as friends and family members who may have gone through the infertility struggle before. It may not be feasible to choose a fertility clinic that is too far away, and you don’t want to add in any more stress to what may already be a stressful time. Fortunately, there are many reputable fertility clinics in Houston. Some of the larger fertility clinics in Houston have satellite offices as well, which may make them more convenient to patients living farther away from their main offices.