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Houston, Texas, Clinical Trials

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Given the nature of the reproductive endocrinology field, there are constant new advances and need for further research. For this reason, there are ongoing and new fertility-related clinical trials going on in Houston. These clinical trials are conducted by fertility clinics and hospitals in the Houston area. You should contact the individual research sites for information on participant recruitment and study protocol.

The purpose of clinical trials is to examine a particular health issue in a controlled and regulated manner with the goal of improving the lives of those who suffer from that health issue. Clinical trials have specific purposes, and must run during a set time frame under certain specified conditions. These clinical trials for infertility often take place simultaneously at different locations, and participants in each are monitored throughout the course of the trial.

Clinical trials are important research tools in understanding many disorders that affect fertility. As a result, new treatments, medications, and procedures have developed. However, it is important to understand that since these trials are experimental, there are potential risks involved.

Who is Conducting Clinical Trials in Houston?

There are many well-respected research hospitals and fertility clinics embarking upon clinical trials in the area. You can find more information on institutions in the Houston area that are conducting clinical trials related to infertility by visiting Each facility will be able to provide information to you regarding purposes of the research study, patient criteria, number of participants, length of trial, and results. You should consult your doctor before taking part in a clinical trial.

The clinical trials going on throughout Houston represent a variety in fertility-related issues studied. Examples of clinical trials that have been conducted or are currently ongoing in the Houston area include:

  • Houston Fertility Institute: a study to examine the effect of a single injection of a medication, called ganirelix, to prevent premature ovulation.
  • Fertility Specialists of Houston: a study to examine whether prostacyclin can enhance early embryo development.
  • National Institutes of Health: a study looking at development of a profiling and referral tool for sperm banking among adolescents newly diagnosed with cancer.