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Impressive Records Set by FertilityAuthority in October


November 3, 2010

FertilityAuthority continued to set new records in October. Visits to grew 32% from last month, and page views increased a staggering 116%. This shows users are delving deeper into our content and staying on the site longer. Our organic search results set new highs as well, with Google referrals up 24%, Yahoo up 12% and Bing up 60%. The fact that these major search engines continue to direct patients to our site illustrates that we are THE source for reliable fertility information.

Other aspects of our business thrived as well. FertileThoughts, our social networking site dealing with fertility, had HALF A MILLION visits in October. It is clear that this platform plays an important role for patients who are dealing with fertility challenges.

FertilityAuthority added more mini-sites to its portfolio including Sacramento, Atlanta, Central and Southern New Jersey, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Charleston, San Francisco and Minneapolis.

These mini-sites have jetted us to the top of local searches for fertility resources so be sure to check and see if we are in your area yet.

We welcome you to test out "Ask Dr. Fertility" where patients can ask questions directly to medical professionals online. This addition to the homepage of allows doctors to reach thousands of patients each day in their area. If you are a thought leader in the field of infertility, "Ask Dr. Fertility" can help position YOU as the expert in your market. Contact for details.

It was great to see so many of you at the ASRM conference last week. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by our booth, check out our 30-second spot that features all that FertilityAuthority has to offer.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at Thank you for your support.