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Indianapolis Infertility Clinical Trials

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Clinical trials are strict studies that operate with a set purpose. Clinical trials set out to answer a certain question about a disease, illness, or disorder and work towards ways to better the lives of people who suffer from the problems.

Clinical trials can occur in multiple locations across the country, or even across the world, though they all operate under the same conditions for the same amount of time. They are strictly controlled so unintended variables cannot impede the results of the clinical trial.

Infertility clinical trials have helped advance the field of infertility medicine. Because of clinical trials, new diagnostic tools, fertility medications, fertility treatments, and procedures have been developed.

There are four infertility clinical trials occurring in the state of Indiana, one of which is located in Indianapolis.

Who Is Conducting the Infertility Clinical Trials in Indianapolis?

Quality of Life in African-American or Caucasian Female Breast Cancer Survivors
Sponsor: Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center
Locations: Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center
Estimated Dates: December 2005-November 2007
Status: Currently recruiting participants

Information on Clinical Trials

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